As we are underway starting out our 2nd day here at Camp Out Hunger 2022, I am reminded why this event is so vital.

The stigma surrounding hunger is thick and for many, uncomfortable to talk about and face. But sadly, it is happening all around us, in the state we call home.

Captain Keith Davis is here, representing the Capital Region Salvation Army. He and I were discussing the affects, facts, stats, and sad truths about food insecurity in Maine. Yes, it made me very sad but I quickly moved on from that feeling and continued to work.

The donations that you bring in, no matter how big or small, is changing lives. If you see that you cupholder has some sticky change, we'll take it.

I luckily have never had to feel hunger pain and it makes me extremely angry to know that not only my neighbors are suffering through that, but many many children are feeling hunger pains as well. It is all shocking but it's the reality of life.
Below I have a list of the top most shocking truths about hunger in Maine.

Here Are 8 Most Shocking Things About Hunger in Maine

The stats are staggering when it comes to hunger in Maine. It's a stigma that is thick but vital to know and try to help our brothers and sisters struggle to eat in our state.

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