Adult activities have grown tremendously in the past decade, and I think it's such a relief to add a variety of adventures to our list.

Once upon a time as an adult, you could just go dancing or to a bar. Now, there are so many activities for us.

One of those activities that are trending hot right now is the art of throwing knives.

Yeah, nothing is better than relieving the stress of the week by hum-chucking axes at a wall. I've done it, take my word, it's a release.

The Hatchet House at the Marketplace at Augusta is booming and is located at 2 Stephen King Drive, Suite 4. And it's the only one in the city.

You could make this into a whole "night" with your girlfriends, your family, or even your colleagues. I mean, this is probably the coolest type of "team-building" for a company retreat.

You can eat, drink, and try out 5 different unique games on their projected targets. Yeah, that's right, they have various activities and I am all in.

Hatchet throwing is something that I have found to also be a therapy of sorts. It's a physical activity that helps you to get rid of any of the stress in your life and just focus on the hatchet.

According to Heber Hatchets, Axe throwing is so popular because,

Axe throwing is a quick game with little downtime, making it captivating to watch—and even more enjoyable to play. It's fun. Like any great sport, axe throwing is ultimately popular because it's fun.

It's as simple as that ladies and gentle-dudes, it's popular because it is fun.

The owners, Mary and Mike, in a previous interview, had explained what sets them apart from other similar businesses. They said they have a,

variety of computerized games they offer. Instead of just tossing a hatchet at a target, guests will be able to play games.  These range from games where you kill zombies, to adaptable bullseyes, to seasonal games.

Have you been to any axe-throwing spots in Maine?

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