I am sitting at the Sam's Club Parking lot currently in Augusta at the Marketplace for the 4th annual Camp Out Hunger.  It's around 3:30pm and I have been working on this article, on and off, since 6:00am this morning. When I write, I normally have a subject in mind and easily produce the article but, this is different. It's emotionally telling that I am unable to easily create this article as I am having a hard time expressing my emotions, appreciation and gratitude.

I wanted to somehow highlight the children and youth that have been donating for other children who are hungry in Maine and I didn't know how, until now.

The kids have been very present here at Camp Out Hunger. The amount of young people that have come to donate has impacted me so deeply. It's times like these where I am so proud of them and most importantly their parents. So, here's to you.

Dear Parent(s),

I've met quite a few of you these past 3 days and am astonished with how you are raising your beautiful little ones. And yes kids, no matter how old you are, you will always be "little ones" to us.

I was able to see very clearly that you all instilled so much gratitude into your children. Raising kiddo's isn't a walk in the park. There is no manual and you have to constantly navigate as best as you can.

You all moved me in such a deep way. The tears that have streamed down my face due to your kids donating simply, to help other children eat, has been emotionally impressive to say the least.

The lessons that you are sharing with them on taking care of their peers is priceless and will, in turn give them the tools to give so much love and sympathy as they grow.

You, Parent, are slowly erasing the stigma of hunger by passing this important lesson on to your kids and I thank you.

It's so hard to know that children in Maine know what hunger pains are. It makes me mad and I am sure it does the same to you. I appreciate the love you give to your children and vital message of giving that you are passing on.

Thank you


Lizzy Snyder

Below are some of the many youth and kiddo's that came to donate!

My Letter To All Of The Parents Who Came To Camp Out Hunger

The kids have been very present here donating at Camp Out Hunger. It's times like these where I am so proud of them and most importantly their parents, so I wrote you all a letter. 

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