It's no surprise that there has been a major shortage of 'fun things to do' since all this COVID stuff started back in March. How freakin' awesome is it that there are still some places putting together activities for us to get out and do? While they will still be enforcing masks and social distancing, Aquaboggan's Trail of Terror looks to be just the adrenaline rush we could all use right now.

Starting this weekend and running every Friday and Saturday until Halloween night from 6-10 PM, you and your friends/family can head down to Route 1 in Saco to get your scream on. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children under ten. You can buy your tickets in advance now by clicking here. Oh, and if you have an Aquaboggan season pass, you'll get $5 off your admission.

So though things may be a little out of the ordinary for 2020 (that's putting it lightly), you can seek a little solace knowing that you can still have the ever-loving hell scared out of you just like the old days before coronavirus. Oh, and if you go down to take on the Trail of Terror, make sure you call us up during the Moose Morning Show and tell us how it was!


Take our 30 minute walk in the open air of the woods in Maine behind Aquaboggan Waterpark. This year features 18 scenes and new thrills that are unique and never before seen or experienced. This year is a guideless haunt so you walk through socially distanced which adds an certain revved up scare factor.

We ask that all guests where facemasks to the event and will have some on hand in the event you do not have yours.
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