It's pretty well accepted that the most unsteady and unpredictable weather of the year, at least in the state of Maine, happens in the fall. And there's no exception to that this week.

Even though we have had a fair amount of shower activity and flat-out rain over the last week or so, it appears as though tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be really wet. Like really wet.


According to WGME meteorologist Christian Bridges, a 'disturbance' (that sounds scary, eh?) will move into the Pine Tree State on Wednesday which is likely to bring heavy rain and even some fall thunderstorms during the afternoon.

Though it probably won't be named a 'topical storm', WGME says that a tropical system, currently near Bermuda, will be the primary impact factor on the Wednesday weather. And with it will come rain, lots and lots of rain.

Bridges goes on to say that brief localized flooding is possible due to fallen leaves clogging up storm drains.

Thursday looks to be a much better (and drier!) day!

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