Finally a conclusion in the epic saga that is Harriet The Wayward Central Maine Emu!

If you've been following along then you know that Harriet The Emu has been missing for about 6 days now as she escaped a Central Maine farm during the crazy win and rain storm we got last Friday.

Since then, we've shared video and several photos of the missing emu in hopes to spread the word to area residents that she was in fact on the loose. We were told that Harriet is very friendly and loves kale, but she's in heat so she make kick and get a little feisty if capture is attempted.

Well earlier this morning, Harriet's mamma (owner), Darcy Lee, reached out with several photos expressing her excitement that Harriet The Emu had finally been successfully captured and returned home.

As you can see in this photo, her emu boyfriend, Ozzy, was very happy for her safe return.

Harriet & Ozzy, BF & GF Emus!
Harriet & Ozzy, BF & GF Emus!

And below is the original video we found when she was initially spotted walking down the road in the town of Vienna, Maine.


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