With Halloween right around the corner, cemeteries and ghost stories abound. But cemeteries aren’t just about spooky and scary stories. They are filled with artistic headstones and the names of those who have gone before us. It’s like taking a walk through history.

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One such historic spot is "The Old German Church and Cemetery" truly a hidden gem steeped in our forefathers history and past memories. You'll drive by and do a double take as it catches your eye, and your mind will ask...."what is that place"? It's the kind of place that begs you to take a closer look but you don't know why. The graves almost call out to you, teasing you with tales that date back to before our great country was even founded. You will find this historic relic located at 235 Bremen Road in Waldoboro, Maine.

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According to its Wikipedia page, it was built in 1772. This church was the center of activity for the early Waldoboro settlers that immigrated from Germany. The Lutheran church was originally built on the other side of the river but was moved in 1795 to where it is presently. The parishioners painstaking took the church apart, moved it over the frozen river and then reassembled it. The manpower this took alone makes the visit to the church worthwhile.

The church is well preserved and maintains the box pews inside. These pews were purchased by families and handed down through the generations. The church never was hooked up to electricity. The only modern convenience was a woodstove and an organ which worked only if the organist pumped it while playing.

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The cemetery which lies just behind the church building is said to be the final resting place of Conrad Heyer, a revolutionary war hero who crossed the Delaware with George Washington, and who is rumored to have been 106 years of age in a time when most people never saw past their 30's.  It is also thought he was the first person in America to be photographed.

A service is still held here once a year. The grounds and cemetery is open from dawn till dusk. Visit and take a historic walk and enjoy a truly peaceful place for silent reflection.

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