Ladies and gentleman, I have enlightened by facts about my state I had never known. Silly me. Do you want me to share them with you? Since you can't answer, I will do it anyway.

Maine has so many wonderous and well-known facts that we are all aware of. Lobsters, Moxies, Blueberries, Accents. But these are different.

I am a huge gossip queen when it comes to finding unique and rare things out and I immediately have to share. Especially when it comes to where I live and what has happened in the past. I am a huge history buff. Not to say, I know everything but it is to say that I know about random factoids.

No matter what you do around Maine, whether it's hiking, swimming, exploring, or connecting we have many things that are still undiscovered.

I'll give you one that I think it super interesting. It is said the Maine was discovered by Vikings over a thousand years ago! That's right, Vikings! You know the guys that ate turkey legs and wore horned helmets and were the ultimate fighters?

Find out more facts on what you didn't think you needed to know about Maine, until now.

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