Many of you are searching for a new home in the state of Maine, and maybe you are finding it a bit of a headache.

Or maybe you're full-blown stressed the hell out. Housing is a different kind of monster right now.

So, I was curious to see which towns in Maine are affordable.

There are many out there that are first-time homebuyers that are looking for a city that won't break the bank but fit the needs of them and their families.

Janelle, my wife, and I were lucky enough to find a gem in Lewiston to fix up and call home, pretty much right in the middle of the housing crisis.

I found out the good old Lewiston is on the list, make as number 3!

Did you know that, according to New Home Source, Lewiston has an average property tax of $2.404?

It's still a pretty yucky time to buy, but I wanted to see if I could help you out and make you aware of the most affordable towns in Maine as of 2022, according to New Home Source.

You might be surprised by some of the places that appear on this list (or maybe you won't be). Can you guess what No. 1 will be?

Do you live in any of these cities already or are planning to move there?

Either way, below is a gallery of this list. Check it out to see where the cities and towns stand.

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