There is something about covered bridges that just says, "Kiss Me".

Living in a time where we binge watch period pieces like "Bridgerton" and "Downton Abbey", makes us want to travel back in time. That time was so romantic and makes me think of two things, top hats and covered bridges.

Covered Bridges tell a story of a time and place that was simpler. For example one of the bridges I will be featuring today has a sign on it that says, "Horses And Mules At A Walk, Or 1 Dollar Fine, No Spitting- No Seegars"


Audrey Comingo Hughes
Photo Cred: Audrey Comingo Hughes

Can you imagine, riding on a horse with your lover, heading to a meadow to have a picnic and you come across a covered bridge? To me, covered bridges are like statues that remind us that the past happened and people used to actually talk to each other.

Today is much different and I want to experience the more simple times so I decided to  research the most romantic covered bridges in Maine and I found some gems. I want to go to all of these places with my wife and enjoy the architecture while listening to the birds and walking across the wooden bridge that has stood there for hundreds of years.

Walking across a covered bridge must feel like you're walking with the past and it's all so magical and has a sensuality to it all.

My research was success and I found 5 of the most breath-taking covered bridges in Maine. I received mostly all of these photos from fellow bridge admirers, because I am not the only one who also appreciate these beauties.

From Andover, to Errol below our My Picks for The 5 Most Romantic Covered Bridges in Maine.

5 of the 'Most Romantic' Covered Bridges in Maine & New Hampshire

Living in a time where we binge-watch period pieces like Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, makes us want to travel back. The romance was in the air back then and so were covered bridges. Here are my picks of the most romantic covered bridges, right here in Maine! 

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