The New England Patriots have become the first NFL team to own their own jet airliners!  No really!

According to CBS Sports, they have purchased 2 Boeing 767 jets to fly the team around during the upcoming season..

They're calling the planes, which have (of course) been fully customized, their "Airkrafts".

Not only are they cool, but they might end up saving the team money. Even though each plane, if used, costs between $5 and $65 million (a new one could cost as much as $200 million), the team spends a ton of cash on chartering big planes to cart the team around.  Especially when you take into account those occasional international trips.  .

The Patriots kick off their pre-season when they host Jacksonville on Thursday.  Their regular season gets underway on Thursday, September 7th, when they host Kansas City.

The first time we might see them use the planes could be when they visit Houston on Saturday, August 19th.

My favorite part are the 5 Lombardi Trophies on the tail.  Crossing my fingers they'll need to add another after this season.

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