Did you play sports in high school? Were you talented and skilled enough to be recognized for your excellence in your specific sport? Maybe you were able to win an award but it is very rare for someone to make history.

But, this is exactly what happened to Jaycie Christopher, a student at Skowhegan Area High School. She recently became the first ever Miss Maine Basketball and Miss Maine Softball, according to Central Maine. 

According to the article, she is the only girl that has ever "laid claim" to two of the highest awarded in high school sports in Maine.

First off, let's applaud her for being a female and smashing records and secondly this isn't an easy feat to reach and she did.

The remarkable success that she reached is inspiring Maine sports players.

 She is the first player ever to receive the Miss Maine Softball and Miss Maine Basketball awards, given annually to Maine’s top senior players in their respective sports.

Central Maine

As the article states, the past couple years have proven to be rough due to COVID-19 and all of the disruptions it brought but she proved that the delay wasn't going to stop her.

She finished the 2022 regular season with a .538 average, eight doubles, four triples, two home runs, 24 RBIs and 18 stolen bases.

Central Maine

Her senior year with softball has been outstanding for her as she led her team to many successes.

Jaycie says,

There were a lot of bumps along the road and tough losses and moments that I learned from that helped me get to this point. I couldn’t ask for a better four years or a better community to do it in, better coaches to play for or better teammates to have by my side.

Central Maine

It is evident that Jaycie is not only physically talented but is also extremely thankful for teammates, community, and coaches. That is exactly what it takes to be a good leader.

She is a senior and will be leaving Skowhegan and it has set in for her, saying,

[Leaving Skowhegan] has definitely set in; over the past week, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting because Skowhegan has meant everything to me,” Christopher said. “Just the past four years have been so special. … It’s been so much fun.

Central Maine

Jaycie also speaks about when she was younger and when she was playing basketball in the yard. She remarked on how the coaches helped her along the way and that these prestigious awards are in honor of them and there support, as the article states. 

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