Let's talk about football. Women's football, in Maine. I am officially calling out to all female athletes to tryout for this full contact, tackle football team!

Yes, it's tackle because why the hell can't women tackle? They can and they're incredible at doing it.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Maine Mayhem Football 2023 1st try-out session. Will there be more tryouts? Yes!

Angie-Sanchez Dow, a 5th year player of Mayhem was the one who told me of their existence. Angie is a beast of a women and I am lucky to know someone like her. She is inspiring and wants to spread the joy of sports to all young girls in Maine!

Lizzy Snyder, Angie Dow
Lizzy Snyder, Angie Dow

This could be your chance to play football in Maine and be a part of an incredible team of women that our strong, inspiring, and confident.


Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I would like to talk about how I had absolutely no idea that there was Women's Football in my state and I am ashamed that I didn't know. So, because they are trailblazing and inspiring young women along with playing a hard game of tackle football, I am going to open the flood gates and tell the world.

This football league is a nonprofit. They raise all of their money, themselves. I was able to chat with Kate Archambault who is the General Manager to the team. She has been playing and involved in football her whole life and her passion for the sport is undeniable. She was the defensive end and played for The Rebels. Kate told me something that stuck with me, she said,

There is a position for all body types.

I also spoke to another player, Ruth Murphy who has been playing this game for 20 years.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder & Ruth Murphy, Veteran Football Player

The tryouts started out like any other sports tryout but there was so many special moments. The ladies were encouraged by the coaches and to each other. No judgement, just love of the game.

There are normally 35 players on a team. The team travels all over New England to play and have just about 6 games per season.

There are 4 tryouts in the months of September, October, November and an invite only in December.

The coaches had everyone stand in a circle at the beginning of the tryouts and state their name and how long they've been playing. Each person was celebrated for either being a veteran or a beginner. Each coach encourages the players to be their best and it was evident that if you're going to play on this team, you're going to inspire.

This football team's vision is to create and raise awareness throughout the community on what they are doing and let everyone know that women deserve to be a part of this highly competitive sport.

If that's not enough, they also have this program called, The Girls of Fall.

According to their website,

The Maine Mayhem Girls of Fall program is dedicated to supporting local female youth football players. We will provide opportunities and support to encourage these young athletes. Our mission is to build each athletes confidence so that she can continue to do amazing things on and off the field!! The Maine Mayhem Women’s football players will also mentor these youth and offer support and guidance whenever possible.

So these women aren't only striving to become the best athletes they can be, but also are focused on encouraging young women that play football on boy's teams as well. It is vital for other girls that want to play football to know that the Maine Mayhem Women's Football team support them and want to help guide them through their athletic careers.

This team is all about inclusion and the opportunity to do more. They are breaking barriers and are determine to uplift girl football players around this entire state.

I was amazed with the athleticism, focus, and strength that all of these women of all ages, shapes and sizes have. The passion they have for their team to help make a difference is commendable.

If you are interested in trying out or supporting this team, please visit their website here! 

Below is a gallery of all of the photos I took while visiting their tryouts! Go behind the scenes and see what it's like to be a Mayhem Football Player!

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