This year's Windsor Fair was so much fun! I was there at the 92 Moose Booth to meet all of you and sign you up for prizes! I walked around, met so many wonderful venders and Mainers, but their was one attraction that I haven't been able to forget. My wife, Nelly and I brought our son, Bentley to this particular show and we were blown out of our seats. I wasn't expecting to see anything this adventurous.

We witnessed the RaveX Outer Limits Tour Freestyle Motocross Show by Rave X Motorsports.

Dave Dostie Photography
Brody Wilson via Dave Dostie Photography

Riders, Hunter Dyer, Brody Wilson, Kenny Haskell  performed tricks on their bikes with high jumps, flips, and so many other incredible tricks! This was pit bike racing at it's finest. With Dave as the emcee, we were able to get a play by play of what each rider was doing.

According to Facebook, Rave X, this "is not a superstore, we're YOUR store! Custom special ordering. Billions of products at our fingertips only 1-3 days away! No shipping!"

It was apparent that Dave, who is part-owner with his brother, Ralph really wanted to put on a good show.

I was able to talk to Dave and he told me that when him and his brother started Rave X, it was experience to advertise a new business so they decided to start traveling around and charge audiences to watch them jump snowmobiles. It worked and they are still doing it. However, they have built a much bigger audience and it is growing.

Dave told me that so far they have performed in,  Maine, Michigan, NH, New York, Vermont, Northern Maine, Montreal, Quebec City, and more.

 We have been invited to perform at private parties for big companies and we perform every year at the second biggest snowmobile event in the country called the new Hampshire grass drags.

Dave,  Rave X

They love to travel and perform. Their next stop is the Cumberland Fair then on to the Fryeburg fair! Some of their shows have 8 to 10 riders and multiple ramps.
You can see more at or the "about us" section at
Dave Dostie, Maine photographer, took excellent photos of the riders performing tricks! You can check them out below!

Thousands Are Blown Away By Windsor Fair's 1st Motocross Show

This year's Windsor fair was wonderful but what really leveled it up for me and thousands of others was the Rave X Motocross show. 

Here is Every Ride at This Year's Windsor Fair

You're welcome in advance. If you are planning to go to the Windsor Fair this year, I have got you covered with a list of every single ride offered!

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