Originally from Maine, 25 year old Josh McKelvey is an American recording artist. I was lucky enough to interview him and he shared his music journey with me.

He began in 2019 when he packed up and drove across the country meeting with top producers, songwriters, and record labels. Some of them included Charlie Rocket, Jay Aponte, Benny Blanco, and Ted Fields. 

After a year and a half of writing and recording hundreds of songs, countless meetings, and self discovery, things ended abruptly when Josh and his music partner split ways.

Under a different name at the time, Josh moved back to Maine to rebrand his music and refine his sound to what it is today.

I was lucky enough to hear his new song and it blew my mind. Josh called and donated to our annual Request-a-thon, donated money to Special Olympics Maine and we played his song.

We blasted his new song, "Mom Jeans" it in the studio and I fell in love with his voice, his lyrics, his vibe, and I knew I had to interview him.

I creeped him online, got his information and we spoke. Josh is one of those people you feel very comfortable with. He told me that he believes in the power of attraction. Those who practice the law of attraction see results. But this is not without hard work, raw talent, and lot's of sweat.

Wanting to find his own voice and craft something true to him, Josh combines unique melodies and a small town context, with clear vocals and lyricism to make for a catchy, relatable sound.

It is evident that his talent is unique, his sound is catchy, and he keeps his content local so you can appreciate the sound even more knowing what state he is representing.

Josh Mckelvey via Instagram
Josh McKelvey via Instagram

I have a very big feeling that this artist is going to blow up sooner rather than later. Supporting local artists is important and Josh told me that a desire of his is to create a label for Maine musicians to spread our talent to the world!

Check out his Facebook Page, Instagram, and Spotify for more information on what he's up to.

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