Did somebody say potential dream job? We are all thinking the same thing, right? Do we get to see all the concerts for free if we work for Waterfront Concerts?

The job fair will happen all weekend long at 10 Lexington Drive in Hermon. Friday from 5-8 PM and Saturday from 9a-12n.

According to WABI TV 5, the concert promoter is hiring for several different positions including concessions, merchandise, security, box office, stagehands, the ambassador team and the operations team.

Alex Gray of Waterfront Concerts told WABI that no experience is needed and the process will move ahead at a quick pace. Coming off an off year due to COVID, the operation is looking to quickly get itself restaffed and ready for a busy summer/fall concert season.

Alex Gray told WABI,

“Our first show is August 5th, Luke Bryan, so almost immediately. We’re gonna get people in, we’ll get them through orientation, we’ll get them through our series of training, a lot of that’s online. As a whole, we’ll get them in and get them trained up pretty quickly."

In addition to Luke Bryan, the Bangor Waterfront will host shows from Thomas Rhett, KISS, Brad Paisley and potentially even more artists that are still in the works for the 2021 season.

To get an advanced look at available positions with the company, just click here!

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