Earlier this week the English-language version of the "Baby Shark Dance" produced by PinkFong became the most-watched video on YouTube, dethroning Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" as the most-watched video.

You may recall "Despacito" was the focus of one in a long line of Joe Biden awkward moments when he played it on his phone at a Hispanic Heritage event during his presidential campaign. Cringe-worthy for sure!

However you have to wonder if the former V.P. has ever watched the original Despacito video because it might be a little too hot for him to handle and certainly he cannot do now nor likely ever did he have those kind of moves!

I'm told Despacito is American-Spanish for "slowly".  So now you are caught up, up-to-date with 7 billion plus of your close personal friends!

Buckle up...for Despacito!

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