This house was a super gem that I surprisingly noticed while scrolling through

The house, to me, is so similar to a ginger-bread house. The build and architecture on the exterior is fascinating to look at. You don't see many homes like this, they're unique.

But wait until you see the inside, because there are so many "Wow factors!"

This house is located in Casco at 85 Sunny Hill Road. It's priced for, $479,900. The house is a little over 3,000 square feet. With 3 beds and 2.5 baths.

This is a Victorian Style home which gives you that ginger-bread feel.

With hardwood floors and a formal dining room, you'll feel luxury at it's finest.

The upstairs main bedroom is one of my favorite parts of the house because it's beautiful and open.


There is so much potential as far as design is concerned because the space is so big! It's like an empty canvas for you to go wild with!

This house is prokered by Krainin Real Estate.

Check out the entire house below!

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