As the real estate market continues its crazy trend, it's becoming ever-harder to find brand new homes that are still for sale. Most that you come across have already been purchased moments after they've hit the market.

If a brand new home in Central Maine is something you've always dreamed of, and you have a growing family that needs SPACE, let us introduce you to this brand new colonial-style home that features three bedrooms and three FULL bathrooms.

Situated at 70 Angel Circle in beautiful Sidney, Maine, this gorgeous deep-red home is just begging to be checked out. With a massive amount of interior space, 2,190 square feet to be exact, there is room for the whole family and even a couple of pets!

This house features an open-concept living area, extremely modern kitchen, walk-in closets, a massive foyer and hardwood floors through much of the house. Brokered by Jim Pepin at Augusta's Sprague & Curtis Real Estate, this house is one you should add to your list of places to see if you're currently in the market for a new (and we mean BRAND new) home.

The home is listed at $495,000 and is currently on the market! Fore more information or to schedule a tour, click here to contact Sprague & Curtis Real Estate!

This Sidney, Maine Home is Brand New Construction, For Sale, & Has All The Amenities You Didn't Know You Needed

This place still has that 'new house smell' because, well, it is BRAND new!

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