You've probably noticed over the last week or so that those overnight Maine temperatures have really started to drop. Sure, this is certainly nothing like the lows we'll be experiencing in January, but when you're coming off of those hot summer temps 48 degrees seems pretty cold!

If you're like most Mainers, myself included, you're probably not having your home-heating fuel company make deliveries to your tank all summer long. Why would you? It's warm out! For our home, we use propane for heat and hot water. So while we are still tapping into our propane supply during the summer to heat our water for dishes and showers, we're not using enough to justify getting filled up all summer long. This means that the time has finally come. Time to place that first dreaded phone call of the season. But the big question is, how much will it all cost?

You'll be happy to know that overall, home heating prices haven't really moved all that much. Sure there's been some up/down fluctuation, but nothing to 'write home about'. Let's take a look at current oil, kerosene and propane prices from the Governor's Energy Office.

According to Maine.Gov/Energy, the average price of #2 home heating oil as of September 20th, 2021, was $2.69. The high price of #2 was $3.19 and the low price was $2.45.

The average price of propane statewide was $2.93 and $2.88 average for Central Maine specifically. Kerosene came in at an average of $3.29 statewide and $3.26 in Central Maine. This shows that some of the lowest price on heating fuel are curently in the Central Maine region. Southern Maine tends to be pricier while Northern Maine ticks down a few cents a gallon on average.

No matter what the prices are, we all have to heat our homes so make those phone calls and get scheduled for your fall-time fill-up! Below are graphs from the energy office showing the fluctuation in each fuel's prices over the last decade or so.


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