I guess if you live long enough you'll get to see everything. Image my surprise to learn this morning that the burger chain Burger King has decided to expand it's line-up to now include dog food!

Introducing the "Dogpper", that's right and it's just for mans best friend! The Dogpper is NOT for human consumption, although BK does say it is made with hearty, wholesome ingredients, and a flame broiled Whopper taste. Not sure how we can test that, I know my dogs won't confirm or deny.

There are a few caveats with this limited time offer. You have to order a human Whopper sandwich to get the Dogpper. You'll also have to act fast, the offer is only available through December 4th, 2018. And finally, and most importantly, you can't get it through the drive-thru or even coming in the restaurant. It is only available for free exclusively through DoorDash  while supplies last.

Bon Appetite!

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