Our pets are our best friends, family members, therapists, pastors, and children. We would do anything for our furry babies.

Sadly, yesterday my cat, Charlie Benedict Cumberbatch, CBC, became sick. He hasn't eaten, drank, gone to the bathroom and has been throwing up. For about 3 days he's been like this. His symptoms are, throwing up, not drinking, dry heaving, lethargy, not drinking, not peeing. Does anyone know what is wrong?

I stayed home from work yesterday, thinking he was blocked or had a UTI because it is common in Male indoor felines but that was not the case.

Now, in order to get to the Veterinarian you can't just call and book an appointment any longer, I mean unless you are like Beyoncé or something. Yesterday, I called 13 local Vets and none of them could take Charlie same day.

I was feeling extremely depleted and desperate so I went online and told all of you. Because of you, I was able to find PetMedic in Portland. It is a clinic for animals and opens at 1:00pm. So instead of waiting until 5:00pm to go to the Lewiston Emergency Clinic, I was able to head to Portland.

Charlie is still very sick. I was there all day and they tested him and ran diagnostics and blood but weren't able to find a medical source for the lack of eating and drinking. They were able to give him fluids under the skin and anti-nausea medication but he starting throwing up right when I brought him back out to the car. They told me it may be separation anxiety from me being gone for Camp Out hunger.

At this point, I am probably going to bring him back to the hospital if he doesn't eat or drink.

But the frustrating part is that I wasn't able to bring him anywhere local. I spoke to so many Vet's and they all told me the same thing.

They are short staffed and are not taking new patients. So what to do for those who fear there animal won't be seen due to illness or emergency?

Well, I did find a couple options. PetMedic is where I went in Portland, they open at 1:00pm. There is also Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care on Warren Ave in Portland and also the Scarborough Animal Hospital which is also open 24/7.

If you're fur baby is struggling and you can't wait 7 months for an appointment, I hope these options above help you.

It's also important to schedule wellness checks for your pets in order to avoid future sickness.

I will continue to keep you all updated on Charlie's health. Do you have any ideas on what it may be?

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