I recently learned about what a Pink Tax is. This is something I strongly disagree with and I would like to share what I found with you so you can make your own decision on your stance.

According to Investopia, 

The pink tax is not a tax in the literal sense. It refers to how women pay more for the same, or similar, products and services than men.

This is a tax that some states have on feminine products, meaning the price is more for things like razors, shampoo, soaps, anything that is for a female body.

Gender based pricing has been something at the forefront of the equality movement.

This is not a legitimate or legal tax, you won't find this on the "tax books." It is said that fem products tend to cost more and some states have turned this into a tax.

So we, as women, will pay more for a box of razors then a man will. Not cool.

This is an unfortunate mark-up in products, goods and services that are promoted towards women. Which in turn means that men will spend way less on similar products, goods and services.

Now, where does Maine stand?

Well, I have had trouble finding anything official about Maine supporting this Pink Tax, but I did take a look at various pricing on health products.

At Walmart, Men's 2 pack of Gillette razors are less expensive then woman's Gillette razors.

So, even though it's a little sneaky, it seems to be happening here. But I need you help to uncover this tax. Have you seen gender pricing to be unequal when buying for yourself and your husband or partner?

Let me know via 92 Moose Facebook! 

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