Everyone watching the Super Bowl last night may spend a lot of time getting excited about upcoming movies based on the trailers that ran during the big game. Their designed to wow and impress in just 30 seconds, getting people ready for appointment viewing in the theater. But for every big success, there are a lot of let downs. Not every trailer you saw last night is going to result in a great movie (we’re looking at you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows). We know this because we looked back at the history of Super Bowl movie trailers and noticed that some very generous studios were willing to spend a lot of money on some really crappy movies.

Here are the 20 worst movies to ever inexplicably have a Super Bowl trailer:

The Shaggy Dog

Before Robert Downey, Jr. struck it big with his Marvel Super Bowl spots, there was this Tim Allen comedy about a man who turns into a dog. You don’t see RDJ in this spot, but you do have ESPN’s Chris Berman providing inexplicable commentary about a man running on all fours and chasing a cat.

Wild Hogs

Speaking of Tim Allen…there’s this horrible comedy where Tim Allen, John Travolta, William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence go on a road trip and no one escapes with their dignity.

16 Blocks

Worth it at least for seeing the rare “Bruce Willis with hair and a mustache” combo.

King Ralph

Look at everyone’s face in that YouTube thumbnail. That’s how you feel now, watching this King Ralph trailer.

On Deadly Ground

1994 feels like such a long time ago. How long ago was it? Steven Seagal movies were actually getting advertised during the Super Bowl.


This is a fine trailer, but for such a bad movie.


This Super Bowl commercial for Daredevil bills it as “the movie event of the year.” It wasn’t even the biggest movie during the month it was released into theaters! (That honor went to the classic How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.)


“What a cast!” Yes, this was an impressive cast! Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson, all completely wasted in this lame attempt to ride the coattails of Michael Crichton fever after Jurassic Park became a massive hit.

The Hulk

I remember being very excited for this movie based on this footage. Then I saw the movie. Then I became very suspicious of Super Bowl trailers.


I actually covered this movie when it was released and I honestly don’t even remember what it’s about, that’s how forgettable it is.

Van Helsing

A standard Super Bowl spot is 30 seconds long. Universal paid for a double spot for Van Helsing!

Wild, Wild West

Interesting that in this Wild, Wild West spot, they don’t use anyone’s characters name except for Kevin Kline, who’s billed as Artemus Gordon. Like anyone watching this trailer even remembers the old late-60s TV show. This movie was an all-timer bomb, but you can’t blame the studio when it had the director and star of Men in Black.

Hannibal Rising

I forgot this movie even existed! A Hannibal prequel about a young Hannibal Lecter!

Land of the Lost

I don’t think this movie is as bad as people remember it being, but it flopped hard. For whatever reason, people didn’t flock to a Will Ferrell—Danny McBride action-comedy based on a cult 70s TV series.

Year One

A very unfunny movie that everyone should’ve realized was unfunny and buried instead of spending lots of money to promote during the Super Bowl. But this came at a time when Judd Apatow movies could do no wrong and Sony was hoping for the best. They got the worst.

The Last Airbender

What can you even say about this…

Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau. Harrison Ford. Daniel Craig. Steven Spielberg. It all seemed so promising. So very promising. Except for one thing: this was a movie about cowboys fighting alien invaders. Everyone seemed to look past that part.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“We have plans for you, Peter Parker…” Yes, they involve screwing up your franchise so badly it needs to be rebooted, yet again.

Over the Top

Now, I am a fan of this movie and do not necessarily agree it should be on a list of the worst anything, but I realize that I am generally alone in this and most people think this movie is pretty stupid. So, OK, you get your wish. But, just know that seeing this trailer again now, really makes me want to watch this movie again.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Listen, it would’ve been easy — too easy — to populate this list with nothing but Transformers movies, so instead we’ll go with just one. The worst one. Can we be sure this is even the worst Transformers movie?

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