This afternoon, Reverend Mark Tanner let us know what he thinks the score to the Super Bowl will be...and we should listen, as he's on a roll!


WMTW was there when Rev. Tanner changed the sign to show his Super Bowl prediction. What's with all the hype over one little Skowhegan Reverend? Well, this Reverend predicted the score of the AFC Championship game 37-31. Since then, well - the whole WORLD ( least Patriot nation) has been waiting to see how he thinks the Super Bowl will go.

There you have it a two score lead. Now, Rev. Tanner does admit that it wasn't God who helped him with this first was luck.

But seriously, if he guesses the Super Bowl right...well, let's just say that he might want to add a few pews to the Skowhegan Federated Church, because that sucker is gonna be packed!

I hope to God he's right...


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