It doesn't just seem like the Patriots are in the Super Bowl every year, they are. And it doesn't just seem like there is a new amazing Patriots parody song by Ian Cunningham every year, there is.

It's been a wonderful broken record lately with the New England Patriots being doubted and cast out game after game, season after season. Just for them to come out swinging, dig down deep, and somehow find a way to win when it counts. It's like they outdo themselves every season.

Exactly like what Ian Cunningham does every season. For the past few years Ian has been bringing us incredible (and catchy) parody songs about the New England Patriots. Together with Ian Biggs and Sarah Gonzalez there has been a song for the past four Championship runs. Let's review..

1. Brady Pull Me Closer 

To the tune of Closer by The Chainsmokers. This was the first parody song from the team. And one that I still find myself singing to this day.

2. Amen-Dola

To the tune of "Hallelujah" originally by Leonard Cohen. This was obviously before Danny left the Pats to go not win Championships with the Dolphins. The crew brought in Amy Vento, and Gina Jeannette for this powerhouse of a cover.

3. Just Slants

Only a couple weeks ago they dropped the playoff run jam "Just Slants" to the tune of Just Dance by Lady GaGa and it quickly became one of my favorites.

I thought that was it. One season, one parody song. I mean, that's been the pattern right? So today when I saw a post on Ian's Facebook page about a new video coming soon I thought, well it can't be another Patriots parody song. They've already blessed us with one this season. I, like Max Kellerman, was wrong!

4. Champ Grind Of Edelman

Ian Biggs really knocks this one out of the park with his singing as he takes on an Eddie Vedder classic.

I'm already excited to hear what they have planned for next year's Super Bowl run for the Pats.

Also I think it should be noted that Ian is a Jets fan.

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