Middle school self professed "hater" went after The Patriots G.O.A.T., and judges ate it up.

10 year old Ace David is a fifth grader in Lexington, Kentucky, and he recently picked up 1st prize at his school’s science fair. Why has this become big news here in New England? The entire project is about how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a cheater.

“Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught,” Ace told NFL Draft Diamonds. Just for the record, who is Ace's favorite NFL player? He told Draft Diamonds Jameis Winston. However, Jameis is NOT the GOAT. According to the article, that is reserved for Joe Montana. Yes, the same guy who was in attendance to watch Tom Brady rocket to his 9th Super Bowl appearance.

So, what does young Ace (also a quarterback) think will happen on Super Bowl Sunday? He told Draft Diamonds. "Julian Edelman pushes everyone around, Gronkowski gets shut down, Gurley runs for 2 touchdowns, Brady plays terrible – three interceptions, Rams win 30-14."


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