When I first got up this morning and looked out the window, it looked like any other normal dark morning. However, upon investigating the day's forecast, I found that we're actually under a 'winter weather advisory' from 8 am through 2 pm. The advisory is due to below freezing temps with rain and sleet moving into the area this morning.

The precipitation will be more of a hazard the closer you get to the coast where inland communities are more likely to see a mix of rain/sleet. According to News Center Maine, there shouldn't be a threat of power outages with this particular storm system. As we move later into the day, western and northern Maine will begin to see snow and could receive accumulations of 3-5 inches in some spots. Central Maine won't see more than a dusting.

Be careful on your commutes this morning and stay tuned to the Moose Morning Show for any local delays or travel advisories. Oh- and heads up.. there is another storm moving in for the end of the week.

Sorry I had to be such a buzzkill on a Monday morning.

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