Over the weekend we reported that Maine and New Hampshire were likely to see snow early in the week, and it looks like that prediction is going to hold up.

In addition to the snow, WMTW News 8, also reports that we're going to see some pretty gusty winds on Tuesday, too.

While Monday will be a pretty nice day, rain and snow will move into Maine after midnight into early Tuesday morning. Meteorologist Sarah Long says that those most likely to see accumulating snow will be to the west of the Maine Turnpike, though those to the east could still pick some up, conditions depending.

attachment-WMTW Snowfall Map

In addition to the messy weather, Mainers can expect it to be pretty breezy on Tuesday, too. Wind gusts in parts of the state could blow past 50 miles per hour.

attachment-WMTW Wind Gust Map

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Though it sounds like a poorly timed April Fools' Day joke, we can assure you it's not.

Last night, while scrolling the endless feed of Facebook, I came across a post that I assumed must be old. It had to be, right? There's no way we're still talking about snowfall for the New England region halfway through April, is there? Yup, we are.

Well, we're not, but WMTW Chief Meteorologist, Roger Griswold, sure is. In a post on his official Facebook Page, Griswold goes on to discuss the likelihood of a mid-April storm that is likely to affect the Maine and New Hampshire coastline and threatens some inland areas, too.

While Griswold says that many areas are likely to see cold rain, and we mean cold, several coastal communities could see themselves out plowing roads. Now, just how much snow will this potential winter, errrr spring, storm drop on us? That waits to be seen.

Below is the Euro model for Tuesday morning.

WMTW News 8
WMTW News 8

Griswold goes on in his Facebook post to say that this could be 'winter's last grasp in the making'. Below is the GFS model for early Tuesday. Let's just hope that after this, we can take the boats, motorcycles, campers and lawnmowers out for the season without worry of more winter weather!

WMTW, News 8
WMTW, News 8

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