According to WMTW News 8, a possible tornado was caught on camera Monday evening by a driver's dashcam on Route 12 in New Hampshire.

News 8 reports that the driver of the car, Jason Byrne, was driving near North Charlestown, New Hampshire, in his Jeep Monday evening when he spotted what is believed to be a tornado.

Byrne told the news that the storm was so powerful that it blew the windows out of his car. Additionally, Byrne told reporters that falling trees just missed him as they were coming down around him.

Byrne said in part,

"The trees started falling so I just ducked down and I slammed on the brakes and I stopped in the intersection, like the only place I could really find that there wasn't trees coming down".

WMTW reports that the National Weather Service is planning to send a team to the area on Tuesday to take a look at the damage. Damage from the story includes downed trees as well as power lines. They will make an effort to confirm whether or not this was in fact a tornado.

WMTW goes on to say that strong storms also had an impact on Maine Monday causing power to go out for a couple thousand customers in the state, though no major damages were reported.

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