WGME 13 reports that a Maine man was attacked and stabbed during an apparent attempted robbery on Tuesday morning.

The news station reports that residents inside their homes on Common Street in Saco began hearing screams for help and pounding on doors early Tuesday morning.

Police arrives to find the victim with stab wounds to his lower abdomen. The victim told police that while he was walking home from work, a man brandishing a weapon in the shadows approached him and began demanding money.

The victim indicated that he refused the attackers demands for money, and that's when the suspect stabbed the victim in the abdomen and then took off.

The suspect is still currently at large and is described as a younger white male who was wearing a ski mask and dark-colored clothing at the time of the attack, which happened at about 1:20 AM Tuesday morning.

The victim was transported from the scene to Maine Medical Center with what WGME is reporting as non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputy Chief of Saco Police Corey Huntress told WGME News 13 in part,

“Saco is a very nice town. I would say this no matter where you are; when you're out and walking about, know your surroundings. Know who's around and everything like that and just pay attention. I would say if you're involved in some incident, summon help as best as you can, as quickly as you can."

WGME says that anyone who may have information about this attack is asked to call the Saco Police Department at (207) 282-8216.

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