If you are a crafty person (meaning you like to do crafts, not that you are shady), or you have school aged kids, there is a good chance you frequent arts & crafts stores like Michaels and AC Moore.

If that’s the case, you probably noticed something strange the last time you visited the Michaels location at the Marketplace Augusta… Michaels is CLOSED!  What happened?  What’s the deal?  Well, the good news is that it is not gone forever, it’s has just moved.

The story goes back to 2019.  That’s when The Michaels Companies Inc purchased various AC Moore properties, including trademarks and websites, from AC Moore Arts & Crafts for $58 million.  Additionally, they took over the leases of 40 locations.  Shortly after the deal was done, it was announced they would be closing all three Maine AC Moore locations.  Our Augusta location closed early in 2020.

It appears the company has now closed the Michaels location at the Marketplace Augusta in order to move it to the old AC Moore location at 14 Crossing Way.

The Michaels website and Google Maps both now show 14 Crossing Way as a Michaels location.  Even though there is no answer on the phone (but, the automated switchboard does pick up), the new location does appear to be open.

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