Over the last year, businesses in the State of Maine, and the rest of the country, have drastic shifts in the way they operate in order to stay afloat during the lockdowns caused by the pandemic.  Many businesses began doing curbside pickup, delivery services, and offering appointments via Zoom calls.

Last spring, the Maine government, in an attempt to help restaurants and bars, began allowing businesses to do alcohol to-go.  On March 18th of 2020, when Governor Mills signed mandates closing restaurants, bars, and tasting, she did allow them to remain open for take-out service.  This included alcohol.

For example, you could get a to-go order from you favorite Mexican restaurant that includes not only your burritos and taco salad, but also a container of margaritas or tequila sunrises.

Some people now want to make alcohol to-go a permanent thing.

According to WMTW, a proposed bill would allow to-go beverages to continue until April of 2022, even if Maine's State of Emergency ends.  The bill is called "LD 205, An Act to Extend the Ability of Restaurants and Bars"

The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee was to hold  a Zoom meeting this morning (Monday, February 8th) to discuss the situation.

This story will be updated...

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