Today, February 8th, marks the eighth anniversary of the "Blizzard of 2013".

The stormed rolled across New England on a Friday and did not leave until late Saturday.  The storm brought heavy snowfall and high winds.  The storm brought as much as two feet of snow in and around Augusta, Waterville, Lewiston, Auburn, Gardiner, and Winthrop.  Some parts of the Portland area reported getting as much as three feet of snow!

Check out the snowfall total map HERE

Slick road conditions lead to a 19 car pile-up in Cumberland, Maine.  Additionally, thousands were left without power.

Across the entire affected area, which stretched the length of the Eastern Seaboard, more than a dozen people lost their lives.

According to Wikipedia, the highest wind gust recorded during the storm was 102 miles per hour.  The highest snowfall total, recorded in Connecticut, was 40 inches.

Living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at the time, I have the vaguest memories of how excited everyone was about the storm.  As the economy of the Mount Washington Valley is tourist driven, we were all hoping for as much snow as possible.  Fresh snow meant visitors from Boston, Connecticut, and New York coming up to go skiing and snowmobiling.

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