Is there anything that reminds you that we live in Maine more than a freakin' snowstorm on Mother's Day Weekend? Sure, maybe the taste of washing down some fresh off the boat lobster with an ice-cold Moxie, but that's about it.

Yesterday was another prime example of how if you don't like the weather in Maine, just wait a minute and it'll change. Sure, we all know people who have already had to mow their lawns this season, even a couple of times already for some. But how many people saw someone out mowing yesterday in the middle of the late season snow?

Well, if you were anywhere near Palmyra, you might have heard the throttled up sounds of a zero turn lawn mower, though some probably assumed it was a snowblower. Jason Seavey wasn't about to let a little inclement weather stop him from getting out there and taking care of business.

The way we see it, he was really killing two birds with one stone. Not only was Jason cutting the tall grass that needed tending to, he was also ridding his yard of the snow at the same time.

Check out this hilarious video from yesterday, and go ahead and file this one under 'only in Maine'.

Jason, thank you for this laugh and the hilarious video. Keep doin' you up there in beautiful Palmyra, Maine!

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