I know how this sounds. Is Lizzy really going to talk about naked-ness? Why, yes, yes I am. I'll tell you why and I did some research to back up my personal theory on why people go streaking.

Streaking, according to Wikipedia is, 

the act of running naked through a public area for publicity, as a prank, a dare, or a form of protest. Streaking is often associated with sporting events, but can occur in more secluded areas. "Streakers" are often pursued by sporting officials or the police.

Streaking apparently started in the 1970s, fittingly, due to rebels running through sporting events and college campuses across the country, according to Reveille.

I believe from what I've been told by my Mom that the 70s were an era of rebellion, protest, and out spoken minds. Also, so many people were naked, a lot.

Over 50 years later, we are still practicing this, "nude tradition."

Bates College held it's graduation ceremony last weekend for the class of 2022 and lets just describe what happened afterwards as, stark, stripped, and unadorned.

It was described to me that after the graduation concluded, the students were served drinks and dinner and then adorned their birthday suits for a free peep show for all to see.

The students were naked, running through the kitchens, dining rooms, and pretty much all around campus. They were hooting and hollering and one, in particular was holding what looked like deer antlers?

I am not sure what that was for but I can assume why they were all running freely, in the skin they were given by their parents.

Pictures and videos were posted online so my advice is to be careful if you streak unless you want your birthday suit online, forever. Many comments coming from several different groups on Facebook on how the parents must be proud.

From the research I did, I believe that streaking comes from a sense of wanting, even for a fleeting moment to become uninhibited and fearless, especially after you have been put through a lot. These students have, with Covid happening and being quarantined. Many of these students having to work twice as hard due to the pandemic.

I get it, life can be stressful and to each their own. Just make sure that in today's day in age, eyes are not the only thing that can catch you running naked, a cell phone can too.

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