You can go right ahead and file this one under the 'only in Maine' tab. We have seen our fair share of heavy downpours over the last week or so. And while that's been great for our lawns and wells, it hasn't been all that great for areas prone to flash flooding or our overwhelmed storm drains.

Take for example this video posted yesterday by Brandon Dean on Facebook. It appears to show a man fishing from the sidewalk next to McDonald's on the China Road in Winslow. Clearly the amount of rain we received yesterday was too much for the city's storm drains to process and began to back up into the street. This provided an epic opportunity for this guy to take to the newly formed lake and get a few casts in.

While we're not 100% certain if this Maine angler caught any big ones while he was fishing Winslow Pond, we are certain that it is a nice break from the daily drama we see in our news-feeds all to often. I think that sometimes, especially with all that's going on, we forget to take a step back and enjoy the silly little things in life.

So that is own personal goal for the rest of the month. I'm going to try diligently to take a step back from the more serious things going on around us and just try to focus on the silly little things that are also there, they are just in the background. Thank you random China road fishing guy.. thanks for giving Central Maine a much-needed laugh today!

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