Thanksgiving will be different this year for so many...not being able to visit in person with family and friends.

But there are so many ways to do it virtually.  In fact, I just got an email that Zoom is lifting its 40 min time limit from midnight on November 26th through 6 a.m. ET November 27th globally.

There is also FaceTime, video calls on Messenger, and one I never heard of called ClickMeeting.  ClickMeeting sent me a little email with some suggestions for tips for hosting a virtual party.  I don’t know….these seem like so much work. I say just grab the phone or computer and call or video chat with everyone THEN toss a bunch of your favorite frozen apps in the over and watch something that will make you laugh.

But you desire a more traditional experience here are the suggestions from ClickMeeting…

-Play some games. Using technology to play virtual games might be another way to celebrate as an extended group. Virtual charades anyone?!

-Snap a family photo. Even if you’re spending Thanksgiving virtually this year, you can still take a family photo screenshot. Serious, funny....whatever...make the moment.

-Food and drink offer an obvious opportunity for friends and family members to come together during virtual holidays. This can be as easy as firing up a video chat to run through dinner!

-Dress up...setting up your table, and adding some flowers or balloons or even a homemade backdrop might get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving. And a video chat allows everyone to enjoy your masterpiece!

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