It never ceases to amaze me the lengths at which criminals will go to ruin other people's property. In this case, they ruined property of the United State's Postal Service. Now that I think about it, that's a federal service which would make these federal charges, right?

According to the Kennebec Journal, authorities are investigating what appears to be multiple postal service vehicles that were damages on Monday night in Farmington. Multiple vehicles were 'tagged' or covered in graffiti at around 10:50 Monday night. Police say that a nearby business's security cameras were able to capture the suspect's vehicle leaving the scene.

It's unclear what the graffiti tagging contained as far as images, messaging or symbols, but officials are working with the Unites States Postal Inspection Service in an attempt to get to the bottom of what happened and who did it. Additionally, around the same time, there were reports of someone attempting to tamper with a back window at Determined Nutrition which is located on Marceau Court in Farmington. However, Chief Kenneth Charles of Farmington PD indicated he didn't believe the two incidents were related.

We will keep this story updated as more information becomes available. Anyone who may have information is asked to call the Farmington Police Department at 207.778.6311

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