I have used a digital antenna and was VERY impressed. Content on my television and I did not need to pay for it!

According to centralmaine.com the folks at the Federal Communication Commission recently decided to make some changes to help make room for more wireless broadband. (OK that sounds cool.) But as a result of that you will need to do a re-scan of your channels on March 11, 2020. This is so you will be able to find the channels you love and as a bonus you might even find you have some new options!  If you use cable or satellite…don’t worry…you are all set.

But wait…you lost the instructions to your TV and have no idea how to re-scan?  Well…Newscenter already did a little work on that.  Click here and scroll to the bottom…they have links to most the major TV makes and how to do this.  Even if yours is not there I would GUESS it is similar and you might just be able to noodle it out for yourself.  Then again, there is always YouTube.  :)

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