According to WTMW, a miraculous and heroic feat was performed recently by twin sisters from Massachusetts

While on a plane, traveling to Florida from Boston, Lindsay Byrne, and her twin sister Nicole Kelly heard flight attendants come onto the intercom requesting medical help from passengers for a fellow flyer.

Lindsay is a Firefighter in Wayland and her twin sister is a nurse, so automatically they sprung into action and responded to this call for help.

This took place on August 1st on a JetBlue flight, while the 28 year old twins were on their way to Florida to visit their parents, as the article states.

As the article states, a woman on the plane, mid-air, was found unresponsive in one of the airplane's bathrooms.

The sisters saw that the woman who was unconscious had a faint pulse and was having a hard time breathing.

The article states,

Her skin was grayish-blue in tone, which led them to determine that she was having a diabetic emergency.

Because they are twins and very close the sisters knew exactly what the other was looking for, so they were able to assist this woman, together.

It wasn't a lot of having to discuss what we were doing or any, I guess, conflict. Like, I didn't have one idea and she didn't have another, It was more that we were on the same page. We knew what we had to do and we were able to get it done. It wasn't like: 'Oh, she thought that it was a seizure. I thought it was a diabetic issue,' and we weren't going back and forth as far as treatment. So that was nice. It made it a whole lot easier.

The were able to sit the woman up in order to help her breath better and as the article states, they fed her packets of sugar.

According to Health Line,

If your blood sugar falls too low, your body no longer has enough fuel to carry out its regular functions.

That is why they gave her sugar.

They were alongside the woman for the remaining 45 minutes of the flight and insured her safety until they landed in Fort Myers, according to the article.

CBS Boston also reported on the article with the following YouTube Video,

The woman was then transported to the hospital to seek medical attention.

The Wayland Fire Chief, Neil McPherson made a statement saying,

Incidents like these are what first responders and medical professionals train for. Seeing this training and professionalism kick into action beyond our small community and in an environment with limited resources is a proud moment for the department that made a difference in someone's life.

Because these two twin sisters were on this flight, a woman who was having a diabetic episode was able to be helped. It is because of people like this, who used their professional training and know-how to help in a situation that could've ended tragically.

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