Get ready to have some fun all while supporting an amazing cause. It's time for the annual Central Maine Amazing Race hosted by the wonderful people at the Manchester, Maine Lions Club.

This year's race will take place on Saturday, August 27th, and will involve teams of two travelling around Central Maine to compete in various (and fun!) challenges.

To get registered, teams will need to raise $200 per team ($100 per person), however, if some teams aren't able to raise the full amount, word has it they will still let you compete ;)

All of the money raised is going to be used to give back to different community efforts through the Manchester Lions Club. And the best part about the Central Maine Amazing Race is that anyone can do it of any age or skill level.

The top two teams in fundraising prior to the event will be given 'fast passes' which will allow them to skip a challenge that they may not be super-excited about competing in.

Contact 207.441.9906 and ask for Deb Maddox. She has all the information you'll need to get registered to participate in this incredible event.

Click here to get information on registering a team!

(Though the flyer indicates that registration has ended, it HAS been extended through August, 20th, 2022)

Central Maine Amazing Race
Central Maine Amazing Race

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