We're about to make history.

It has been over 3,000 days since we left Earth.

We're now almost 3 billion miles away from home. Out here, where the sun is distant and faint, is a place no one has ever seen before: Pluto and its system of moons - the farthest worlds ever to be explored by human kind.

Half a century ago, we began the exploration of all the planets. Making ever more distant journeys, each new world from Mercury to Neptune revealed its own startling complexity, character, and unimagined beauty.

As we now approach the Pluto system, reaching farther again, this year - we are about to complete the historic first era of planetary exploration.

Who knows what wonders await us at these new horizons?

Join NASA for a live broadcast as we visit Pluto for the first time on July 14, 2015.


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