It's actually called The Snow Moon and it's happening this weekend.

According to NASA, the snow moon will reach its peak at 2:33 AM Eastern Time on Sunday morning, February 9th. Some experts say that this does qualify as a true supermoon which is a NASA-coined phrase indicating when a full moon appears at perigee and therefore appears bigger and more bright than a standard full moon.

According to 'the Google', the definition of 'perigee' is, the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the earth.

I already did you a solid on this, too. If you're wondering what the weather is going to be Saturday night into Sunday morning in the Augusta area, you're in luck- but you're gonna be chilly. The National Weather Service is calling for clear skies with lows around 3 above.

If you do go out and check out the Snow Moon, be sure to upload your pictures to us through our app and we'll post them up at our website next week. Happy Moon'ing!

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