Townsquare Media, along with  Damon's Beverage and Redemption are proud to introduce Mainers Who Inspire Maine. You don't have to be a super well-known person to be able to be inspirational. There are Mainers every day who are doing the everyday types of amazing things to keep Maine going in this pandemic. It's bringing out the best in so many people and we want to celebrate them!

Our second Mainer Who Inspires Maine is NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir.

Jessica was born and raised in Caribou, Maine and has had a lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. Her love of space overflowed into her everyday life and ended up in most of her classmates referring to her as Space Girl.

The dream of Jessica the "Space Girl" came true and in September of 2019, she made her way to outer space. After 205 days on the International Space Station, she returned home.

During her mission to outer space, Jessica made history and inspired many young girls and women along the way, when she and Christina Koch left the hatch of the Space Station to form the first all-women spacewalk.

Jessica is preparing for her next mission in space where she will be a part of the Artemis program with the goal of being “the first woman and the next man” to land on the Moon.

Jessica Meir… Inspires Maine.

Mainers Who Inspire Maine is powered by (Atlantic Federal Credit Union or Damon's Beverage & Redemption). With locations in Augusta, Waterville, Skowhegan, and Bangor, they where you go to stock up on beverages you love. And, they have the largest selection in Maine.


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