Retailer, Target, stated on it's corporate site that they are:

"well on our way to fulfilling the commitment we made in 2017 to raise our minimum hourly wage to $15 an hour by the end of 2020. We bumped it up to $11, and then to $12 last year. Today, we’re announcing the next move—to $13 an hour starting this June."

Compared to another retail giant, Walmart, who raised it's starting pay to a minimum $11 an hour in early 2018, this will be a competitive edge, although the minimum wage law in the state of Maine was raised to $12/hr beginning January 1st 2019, and will be increased to $13/hr beginning in 2020.

Target goes on to say:

"Our teams give guests their very best every day, so taking care of them and their families is a top priority."

You can read more about Targets commitment to it's employees, present, and future, HERE.

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