Copy Machines Not Only Copy but Keep Information
That old school copier is going to look good after you check this out. This is a news story from CBS a few years ago, but the information is still VERY valid. The copy machines we all have in our offices are also computers with hard drives that records and keep information. They record and keep imag…
Gieger Layoffs in Lewiston
Geiger of Lewiston plans on laying off more than 100 factory employees and ending the manufacturing side of its' business. The 135 year old company made the announcement Tuesday (Jan. 22) saying it's one of the largest layoffs in the company's history.
What Are the Best and Worst States for Business?
While taxes are a way of life not all tax systems have been developed equally, according to the 2013 State Business Tax Climate Index by the Tax Foundation.
The Foundation’s latest report was released today, ranking the states most and least friendly to do business in based on factors like individual…