It's the State of Maine's greatest pun and a quick Google search turned up an insane amount of businesses that begin with 'Maine-ly." The title writes itself.

What better way to describe your Maine business than using Maine-ly?

The presentation varies from business to business. Some use the hyphen between the Maine and the "ly," Some capitalize the L while others just make it a complete word.

The choice to use Maine-ly raises some questions. If you're "Mainely Murders" for example (Yes, that's real) does your name require you to offer other services not related to murder? The name would suggest you just specialize in murder but have other offerings, unless of course all you really want to do is be punny.

Are you looking for good and services from a Maine-ly business? Well we have name and links to over 50 Maine-ly businesses in Maine from Mainely Ticks to Mainely Smoked Salmon, you're bound to find what you're looking for here...Maine-ly.


We could do a completely separate list of events, organizations and TV shows with the name Maine-ly, but we're Maine-ly exhausted. Google that yourself.

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