It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff we actually learn from social media before seeing it anywhere else. Take for example the incredibly tasty story I'm about to share with you. I didn't learn about this in a paper, on the news or from a sign that I drove by. Nope, none of the above. I learned about Waterville's newest foodie spot as I was sitting in my recliner scrolling through the daily feed. How cool!?

After seeing a friend share the post I knew I needed to help spread the word. I mean after all, who doesn't LOVE bagels, am I right? A new fresh bagel shop called 'Sunrise Bagels' is planning their grand opening for Tuesday, June 1st, 2021. The delicious bagels will be located at 31 Water Street in Waterville and will feature homemade bagels and cream cheese. Owner and operator Tiffany Lopes has been busy keeping the business's Facebook page updated with the ongoing progress as well as a peek into what she plans to offer once open.

Tiffany's vision, according to her business page, is for this spot to be a neighborhood bagel shop that is fast, fresh and fun. You can follow along either on their Facebook page or on Instagram at SunriseBagelME.

According to a post on the company's Facebook page,

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the amazing support we received already!
My name is Tiffany Lopes. I moved to Waterville nineteen years ago with my husband, Joe, and together we raised our three kids here.
Now that our nest is empty, I felt ready for a new challenge and opportunity to work in my city and share a food I’m passionate about...BAGELS!
Specifically, bagels that are made slowly, over three days and with fantastic ingredients you can pronounce...flour, water, yeast, salt and barley malt. Time is the secret ingredient. No, wait! It’s “love”. That’s what I always told the kids when they asked what the secret ingredient was! Food connects us. It slows us down. It can serve as a quick, grab and go on Monday morning or as a slow, relaxing Sunday morning with a newspaper, old school. My intention: bake fresh bagels daily and share them with you!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the amazing support we received already!

My name is Tiffany Lopes. I moved to...

Posted by Sunrise Bagel on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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