Sensory deprivation tanks.  Would you do it?

Floating in a pod of a buoyant salt water mix.  
They say there are health benefits and its can super relaxing.  I can see that.

BUT you are in a pod.    In. A. Pod.    Hummmmm...

Well, I breathed a deep sigh of relief after I read on the website for Float Harder, a Portland sensory deprivation relaxation center:

“You control the lid and the lights in the float system.  Feel free to leave the lid cracked open a little or completely.  Lots of people experience a feeling of floating in space which is quite the opposite of feeling claustrophobia.”  

PHEW!  If it does freak you out for some reason, you can get out any time you like.

So, what do you think?  Well, I may need to at least try.

Road trip to Float Harder sounds like a good idea to me.

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